Whether helping out in the kitchen or answering phones, we need your help to make sure that PHOENIX Clubhouse is a center of hope for people with mental illness in our community.

Living with Mental Illness? Don’t Go It Alone. PHOENIX House is a welcoming community. Here you find opportunities to engage in meaningful work, activities and friendships for a better quality of life. PHOENIX House is a valuable resource for men and women with a mental health condition who want a better life, find employment or continue their education.

Hoping to Finish School? You CAN with our Support. Mental illness can interfere with your completing your education; but with the right supports, you can be successful. Whether working on a GED, Certificate or Degree, PHOENIX House assists it’s Members in returning to school.

Do You Want to Find A Job? We Can Help You. Mental Illness does not need to be a barrier to employment. PHOENIX House can help you find and keep a job. With our support, Clubhouse Members enter (or re-enter) the workforce and succeed.