Strength & Renewal

Capital Stewardship Campaign 2021-2026

PHOENIX House is developing a Legacy of Belief – a can do, never give up spirit. A belief that people with mental illness CAN lead meaningful, productive lives. PHOENIX House is committed to seeking to improve the lives of those affected by mental illness – those whose lives were interrupted, education, career and family and friend associations, by their mental health condition, by providing a welcoming community. Here. “Members”, will find opportunities to engage in meaningful work, activities and friendships for a better quality of life.

Your financial support will help PHOENIX House establish the S.E.A. Centre’ (Support, Education, Advocacy) Centre’ as a place of respite, office operations, community meeting space, support group collaboration, education, research and training.

By giving to scholarship funds, research, growth and development as well as programming, you can choose the impact that your gift will have. Whether your gift is big or small, every donation makes a difference in the lives of those affected by mental illness.

Our Journey Starts With You.

Click Here to see the full campaign details. You can Donate by going to the DONATE page clicking “Area of Greatest Need” and paging down to Capital Campaign for your Donation to be credited appropriately. PHOENIX House is grateful for you legacy.